– Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card – If you find yourself regularly at Shell stations without a proper credit card then, you are missing a Shell Fuel Rewards card. While other credit card issuers demand a great credit score, Shell offers it without asking for a high credit score. In turn, it also helps you to build your credit score. - Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card – Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card

The Shell Fuel Rewards card is a private labeled gas card that you can use to build your credit rating and become eligible for other credit cards. However, you can use this card only at Shell stations for Fuel and other purchases.

Shell also offers another General use credit card that runs on the MasterCard network and is co-branded by Citibank. Although, you will require a good credit score for this card which you can build through a Shell Fuel Rewards card.


  • Great rewards on Gas purchases: Users can save 10 cents per gallon up to 20 Gallons on every fill-up which translates roughly to $2 saving on every refueling. The card also doesn’t have any purchase on spending limit Furthermore, the card also offers a rebate of 10% on non-fuel transactions at shell stations. This rebate applies to the purchase of snacks, drinks, and other items after fuel refilling.
  • Rebate redemption: You don’t need to sign in to your account and redeem your rewards. With this card, Shell rebates are redeemed automatically according to your points.
  • No Annual fees: The Shell Fuel Rewards card doesn’t have any annual fees which makes it a good choice for people with low credit scores.
  • Rewards on Grocery purchase and Dinner: Shell Fuel Rewards card also rewards 2% on your first $10000 spent on Groceries and dining. This is quite comparable with other cards offering 1.5 to 2% universally on all purchases. - Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card


  • The rebate comes with restrictions: You can redeem your rebates only against shell purchases but you can’t withdraw it as cash or in the form of any other purchase. Apart from that, Shell purchases except fuels earn only a 10% discount up to $1200 annually.
  • No certainty with credit card type: When you apply for a credit card you don’t know which credit card you get. If your credit score is lower than expected you will receive a Shell Fuel Rewards card, which can be only used at Shell stations. This in turn restricts you from 2% shell rebates on grocery purchases and dining and the other 1% on the rest of the qualifying purchases.
  • Limited use of card: While Shell advertises 10 cents per gallon on fuel purchases, you can save half of it without taking a credit card. You can get this benefit by enrolling in the fuel rewards program at the gold level. However, you don’t need a credit card for earning Gold status or enrolling in the Fuel Rewards Program. You will automatically receive Gold Status for the first 6 months after joining. Another good thing is for the first 3 months you don’t have to worry about a thing. but in the last 3 months, you will be required to buy a minimum of 5 gallons of fuel at least 6 times to remain at the Gold level.
  • Unorthodox bonus system: While other credit cards offer introductory bonuses worth $100-$500 or more but Shell Fuel Rewards card offers 20 cents per gallon in rebates on the first five shell store purchases. In addition to this, there is no minimum purchase limit but you can earn a maximum of $4 benefit on each refilling. In short, this welcome bonus doesn’t exceed more than $20.
  • High APR%: Both types of cards in Shell Fuel Rewards card charges a high APR of 28.74% but it is quite usual for Gas cards.

Shell Fuel Rewards Card is Best For.

Shell offers two types of cards while the closed-loop card offers facilities only at Shell stores the Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard works best for regular Shell customers with big cars. With the Mastercard networked credit card, you can save 10 cents per gallon discount on shell stores around the year.

There is also a 10% discount on all other non-fuel purchases at Shell stores after the fuel refilling which can strengthen your pocket. In case you don’t have a separate card that rewards on groceries purchase and dining in the restaurant, this card offers a 2% rebate. However, you can use these rebate points only at Shell stores which is not a good choice. - Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card

Rewards with Shell Fuel Rewards Card

The card advertises two types of rewards to its customers, first one is 10 cents per gallon for up to 20 gallons but this can be broken into 5 cents per gallon as Gold status benefits in the Shell Fuel Rewards program, and the second 5 cents per gallon for having a Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard. These two discounts are added automatically to the user’s card but if you miss it for some reason, you will receive a statement credit. In case your purchased data isn’t available the average price per gallon will be used according to the US Department of Energy.

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Reward Redemption

You don’t have to think about redeeming your rewards as the process is automatic. Your Shell rewards are automatically redeemed against the purchases made by your card. The shell rebate further works like a credit to your account in the next billing cycle once they are earned. - Shell Fuel Rewards Credit Card

About the Shell Fuel Rewards card

The Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard is offered by Citibank and ranks in the middle of the US credit card satisfaction survey. The Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard scored 801 out of 1000 in the study which is slightly lower than the national average of 810.

In case of any problem with the card holding experience, you can contact their customer service at 800-331-3703 from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 8 PM eastern standard time.

However, this is also a little bit disappointing as most other card services offer 24*7 customer service support. The security feature of the card is quite satisfactory and matches industry standards.

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