globalcashcard/activate – 6 Easy Steps To Activate Global Cash Card

globalcashcard/activate – In the arena of cash cards, Global cash card isn’t a new name. Cash cards are types of cards issued by banks and other financial institutions to let employees/ cardholders use the fund available in their cards. The Global Cash card runs on the Visa network and comes with various benefits that enable users to move without thinking much about the cash.

globalcashcard/activate - 6 Easy Steps To Activate Global Cash Card

How To Access The Global Paycard Account

You can access your Global Cash card account online at and register yourself if you are a first-time visitor under the New User area of User Login. Once registered, you can easily access your account by just using your Username and password.

  • By alerts: You can set up email and SMS alerts for each deposit and a minimum balance. In this way, you will be notified of each deposit and get the information once your account balance falls below a specific limit. For setting up the text alert, visit the official website of Global cash card.
  • Two-way texting: You can also set up two-way texting and can view your card account’s activity and balance check anytime. All you need to do is sign up for mobile access on the official website of Global cash card.

Benefits of Global Cash Card Account

Global cash card account comes with great benefits and rewards like no monthly fee and an exclusive rewards program. Some of the services are mentioned below. 

  • Automatic up-gradation to the personalized Visa card: In the beginning, the Global cash card issues an “instant issue” pay card which upgrades to a personalized Visa card after three successful payroll deposits.
  • Free MoneyMoney to the penny: The card doesn’t charge a minimum account balance, so you can access up to the last penny without being penalized.
  • Free text and email alert: You can sign up for the free reader and email-based alerts for deposits and low balances.
  • An extensive network of in-network ATMs: You can use over 60000 ATMs of Allpoint without losing a single penny on withdrawal as withdrawal is surcharge-free at in-network ATMs.
  • Easy Bill Pay: you can directly pay the bills through your card to merchants accepting Visa and other online billing systems.
  • Money management tools: You can manage your monthly expenses easily with the expense manager budgeting tool.
  • Training Tutorial: The Global cash card also gives the facility to train its cardholders in telephonic conversation and online.

globalcashcard/activate - 6 Easy Steps To Activate Global Cash Card

How to Activate the Global Cash Card Paycard

Activating the Global Cash card payment card is easy and can be done within minutes. You can start the card by calling the customer care executive or at the website of Global Cash Card. 

  • For activating the website by phone, call the Global cash card customer executive at 1-866-929-8039 and follow the instructions.
  • You can also start your Global cash card by visiting and activating your instant issue card. During activation, you will be prompted to select a PIN. This PIN will be used for your further verification and for authorizing transactions.

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Some Additional Perks Of The Global Cash Card

#1. Can be used at a Secondary employer: You can use your existing Global cash card or GCC with another employer. All you need to do is download the direct deposit form from your card account and submit it to the new employer.

#2. Family cards: GCC provides the option of family cards and issues up to five additional family cards. Cardholders can transfer the MoneyMoney in these family cards in real-time and are free of charge.

#3. Additional deposits: you can also load MoneyMoney in your Global Cash Card at any of the Western Union or MoneyGram stores across the USA; however, transaction charges are applied by these merchants.

#4. Reward program: GCC offers exclusive rewards programs, which offers can find at

#5. Lost or Stolen card: The Global Cash Card comes with a Visa Zero Liability Policy so that you can report your lost/stolen card to Global Cash card customer service ASAP. The GCC customer service will freeze the card and reissue a new personalized card. In case of an instant issue pay card, the GCC will transfer the MoneyMoney to the card. However, all the PIN transactions are treated as Authorised transactions and will not be covered in Visa Zero Liability protection.

globalcashcard/activate - 6 Easy Steps To Activate Global Cash Card

Faqs Related To Global Cash Card

  • Question – Why are paper checks not available with Global Cash Cards?

Answer – According to GCC, check payments are not cost-sufficient and are hard to manage. In addition, it also doesn’t provide a significant service option to employees. So, providing better flexibility can be convenient for the GCC discontinued paper checks.

  • Question – What credit score is needed for the Global Cash card? 

Answer – While GCC cards look like credit cards, they are prepaid cards, due to which it doesn’t require any credit score check, and your credit score is not a determining factor for this card.

  • Question – When will my pay be available on my GCC card? 

Answer – If the payment is made within the pay period, your funds will be available to use immediately on paycheck Friday.

  • Question – How to get information about the deposited and available payment in my GCC card account? 

Answer – You can check the balance and other details on the website of GCC by logging in to your account. In addition to this, if you have opted for text and email alerts, you will be notified as soon as your employer makes a deposit. You can also call the customer service of GCC at 1-888-220-4477 for a fee-free balance inquiry.

  • Question – What happens if I try to make a transaction more than the available balance in my account? 

Answer – If your transaction exceeds your account balance, then your card will be declined, and you will be penalized for it. For every Declined transaction, $0.80 will be deducted for the signature transaction, and $0.50 will be deducted for declined PIN transactions.

  • Question – Is there a fee for replacing the Lost/Stolen Card? 

Answer – You won’t be charged for the first replacement, but you will be charged $6 for each next replacement after it.

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