Lowes.com/Survey – Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

Lowe’s is the most famous supermarket company that runs their customer satisfaction survey. The survey, which can be found online at www.Lowes.com/Survey is a way for customers to give feedback about their most recent shopping experience at the store.

Lowes.com/Survey - Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

Lowes.com/Survey – Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

Lowe’s is the go-to store for home improvement projects and appliances. The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom all have local offices.

The company will use this information to better meet yours. Needs and the needs of other people. Since this is an online and mail survey, you can fill it out whenever you want.

Surveys are effective means to establish the currency of trust between producers and customers. Various US and elsewhere-based companies conduct surveys to collect feedback and customer reviews. Lowes Customer Survey is one such tool to establish better services, create a means of communication between the seller and buyer, and build mutual trust.

On completion of the survey various lucrative prices are promised that are gift cards worth 500$. The website www.lowes.com/survey is an entrance to this feedback mechanism. This is the official URL to the site.

Lowes Survey Rewards & Coupons

You can see why we value your feedback so much. Lowes.com/Survey will put you into a lottery for $300 if you complete out their survey. You might also get a certificate for a free pizzeria or a discount.

Participants have the option of receiving a $300 cash reward or a discount coupon for completing the survey. It won’t take you long at all to do the survey, and it won’t need much in the way of work. It won’t take long and you can do it on your phone if you want. The information gathered in the survey will be utilized to further the company’s offerings.

Therefore, please answer all questions thoroughly and accurately. The organization will benefit from more consistent answers as a consequence. Nothing negative will happen if you express an honest and sincere viewpoint, no matter how unpopular it may be.

Responding negatively to the survey will not reduce your chances of winning.

Lowes.com/Survey - Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

How to Take a Survey at Lowe’s Survey

To start, go to lowes.com/survey to get to the official Lowe’s Customer Feedback Survey page.

#1. Visit www.lowes.com/survey in your computer browser to access the Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. This file contains each of the survey questions. You may reply either in English or Spanish since both languages are provided. You’ll need to set your default language to one of the two available options here.

Lowes.com/Survey - Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

#2. Pick the next available option to continue. Include the date, the total money spent, and the time spent at the Lowe’s store. Then, enter the 12-digit code displayed on the receipt on the website. continue with the survey, and please be as truthful as possible. You may be asked to rate many aspects of your experience, such as this one, in this survey.

#3. Only you know what it was like to shop at the local Lowe’s, so please provide us with the details of your most recent visit. It is encouraged that you provide genuine answers. This will help the company learn where they are falling short so that they may make amends. They may then give their customers better service as a consequence. Hence, you should provide them with correct and up-to-date details.

#4. Upon completing this form, we will put you into a lottery. Include your full name, physical address, email address, and contact number. After you’ve done that and hit the “done” button, the survey will conclude.

Please answer the questions in the survey honestly. When you’re done entering all of the invoice information.

Lowes Survey Rule & Regulations

You’ll need a connected device and web access for this. To join, one has to be at minimum 18 years old. The ability to speak English or Spanish is desired, and the most recent receipt from Lowes is an example of this. You must be from the US, UK, or Canada. Every week, each participant is limited to one survey submission. The receipt for your purchase at Lowe’s is only valid for 10 days.

Take Lowe’s Survey Details

Survey WebsiteWww.Lowes.Com/Survey
Survey NameLowes $500 Survey Sweepstakes
Purchase MandatoryYes
Entry MethodOnline & By Mail
Age Limit18+
Prize Details$500 check
Cash Receipt Valid For10 Days

So, think about the most recent thing that happened to you and fill out the survey. These questions would be based on the quality of the products.

How much they cost, how friendly the employees are, and how good the store is in general. Fill out and send in the survey. Fill in your details.

After you send in the survey, make sure you fill out all of your personal information correctly. If you didn’t, the company. won’t be able to tell you if you won the sweepstakes prize. You’ll be given a code that you can use to get your offer on a future visit.

Note: Lowes.com/Survey

Online Method

#1. Purchase to receive the receipt.

#2. Visit the given website – www.lowes.com/survey 

#3. Now it is essential to enter the receipt number.

#4. Enter the start button to begin with the survey.

#5. Give information about your contact details.

#6. You can choose if you want to participate in the sweepstakes.

#7. Review your details. Then submit the form.

#8. You will receive a confirmation message about your participation.

#9. Wait for the company to announce the results.

Offline Method

The survey offers a mail-in option as well. To engage via this approach, the participant does not have to be a customer. Simply jot down the information below and mail it to the provided address.

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Zip:


“Lowe’s 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274, USA,” is the address to send it to via postcard.

Each envelope can make one entry.

Regarding Lowe’s Survey

Lowe’s is a well-known American store that sells high-quality products for home improvement. With this survey, the retail chains keep an eye on how their stores are doing. They try to find out what customers want and then meet those needs by giving great service. So, go to www.lowes.com/survey and fill it out.

As the second largest home improvement and hardware retailer in the United States, Lowes has over 2000 stores throughout North America. Lowe’s has posted an excellent poll to get genuine feedback from their clientele.

The Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is now accepting participants at www.lowes.com A brief survey will ask you to rate your most recent experience shopping at Lowes and provide any suggestions you may have. Both positive and negative customer comments are considered and incorporated into the company’s decision-making process to improve its products and services.

Lowes.com/Survey - Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

Lowes Guest Survey Winners List 2023

Month / YearNameCityState
Apr-23Ruth D.AttleboroMA
Apr-23Elaine P.ShreveportLA
Apr-23Robin J.CincinnatiOH
Apr-23Paul R.SurpriseAZ
Apr-23William R.FlorenceAL
Mar-23Bob S.Fort MyersFL
Mar-23Wil S.OgdenUT
Mar-23Jannetta C.MustangOK
Mar-23Grant H.EnnisTX
Mar-23Jennifer T.AltmarNY
Feb-23Stephen J.SalisburyNC
Feb-23Leslie S.SpenserOK
Feb-23Phil S.BarnesvilleGA
Feb-23Lars J.LakelandFL
Feb-23James H.LititzPA

Lowes Survey Official Website – [Link

the Lowe’s Survey to tell us about your most recent shopping experience and help us get better. Lowes cares about its customers and wants to give them a well-run company through.

This online inquiry survey. If you fill out this survey, you will have a chance to win $500 in Lowes gift cards.


The Official Rules for the Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021-2022 are everything you need to know about the sweepstakes. The Official Rules of the Sweepstakes will be interpreted, made, and enforced according to the laws of the state.

This survey is your chance to win exciting prizes through a small purchase. We have detailed every information on lowes.com/survey in this blog Best of luck. Hope the blog was helpful.

To increase your odds of succeeding a $500 gift card to Lowe’s, just fill out the online survey at www.lowes.com/survey. If you have any trouble completing the Lowe’s $500 Satisfaction Survey, please feel free to post a question or comment below.

Lowes.com/Survey - Lowes Survey Win $500 Rewards

Take Lowe’s Survey Contact Details

Lowe’s Phone Number:- 1-800-445-6937

Contact Medallia:- www.medallia.com/contact-us/

Email:- customercare@lowes.com

Customer Support:- (704) 758-1000

Address: “Lowe’s 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274, USA”

Website: www.lowes.com/survey

Lowes.com/Survey – FAQs

Answer - During the sweepstakes period, each month there will be five winners who will each receive a $500 prize.
Answer - This survey is valid between February 4, 2023, at 12:00 AM Eastern Time and ended after February 2, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET.
Answer - Each receipt is valid for one time participation.
Answer - It's 18 yrs or older.
Answer - Yes the website is live and you can apply at www.lowes.com/survey
Answer - No, as the survey code expires as soon as you participate in the survey.
Answer - True or false: Lowe's and Home Depot have comparable prices. Perhaps a few items are a penny or two more costly, but this is a very low estimate.
Answer - Despite popular belief, Lowe's is not a division of Walmart.

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